UYP16 Agenda

Stay tuned for the #UYP17 agenda and read below to see what classes and activities took place last year!
Day 1: Saturday 6/11/16

12:00-1:30pm  Registration and Lunch –  Centennial Hall 930 Madison Ave, Albany, NY 12203

1:30pm-3:00pm Orientation

3:30-5:00pm Classes:

Systems Advocacy: 101Albertus 206
Panel: Stephanie Orlando, Aaron Baier, Melanie Hecker
Facilitator: Bianca Logan

Peer Advocacy: 101Symposium (Touhey, 3rd Floor)
Panel: Kristina Hebner-Akbar, Caitlin Neumann, Pauline Gordon
Facilitator: Debra Paradisio

5:00-6:30pm Dinner

7:00-9:00pm Activities:

Scavenger Hunt
Open YP! Board of Directors Meeting

9:00pm-11:00pm Activities:

Breath Body Mind Techniques
Professor: Cadi Morse, Finger Lakes Parent Network
Description: Breath~Body~Mind teaches simple movements, breathing and relaxation methods that can be used in a variety of settings including at home, and in medical setting or a classroom to feel calmer and more focused.

Turning Our Pain into Power
Professor: Marc Rosen, YOUTH POWER!
Description: Students will be guided through ways to write from their most painful experiences, turning trauma into a driving force to create the change they want.

 Day 2: Sunday 6/12/16

8:00-9:15am Breakfast

9:30-10:45am Classes:

Systems Advocacy: Leading an Effective Team
Professor: Cadi Morse, Finger Lakes Parent Network
Description: As the Youth Movement continues to grow it is extremely important to have an effective team that can continue making changes and/or reach goals.  Through Leading an Effective Team, students will be able to identify their own values and have a better understanding of how personal values can influence and impact a team.  Participants will learn a strength-based approach to conflict resolution within a team by using the needs and strengths of the group.  Students will also have the opportunity to identify strengths of their team and how to use those strengths to create a dedicated team.  The workshop will provide specific tools that can be used to help lead an effective team and a time of self-reflection to strengthen your abilities as a leader.

Peer Advocacy: Trauma-Informed Peer Support Part 1
Professors: Cathy Cave, Inspired Vision, LLC; Darby Penney, Community Consortium, Inc
Description: This interactive training is designed to introduce people to the principles and practices of trauma-informed peer support.  It provides an overview of the key concepts included in SAMHSA’s technical assistance document, Engaging Women in Trauma-Informed Peer Support (the concepts are applicable to all people, not just women), as well as an opportunity to practice skills for effective trauma-informed peer support.

11:00-12:15 Classes:

Systems Advocacy:  The Art and Science of Public Speaking
Professor: Diana Viglucci, NAMI-NYC Metro
Description: Public speaking skills are essential to effective advocacy at all levels. Drawing on insights from psychological research, this course will de-mystify some of the common misconceptions around public speaking and equip you with the knowledge to create an effective speech. Interactive activities tailored for all comfort levels will enable you to explore your own edge in speaking for a crowd.

Peer Advocacy: Trauma-Informed Peer Support Part 2
Professors: Cathy Cave, Inspired Vision, LLC; Darby Penney, Community Consortium, Inc
Description: This interactive training is designed to introduce people to the principles and practices of trauma-informed peer support.  It provides an overview of the key concepts included in SAMHSA’s technical assistance document, Engaging Women in Trauma-Informed Peer Support (the concepts are applicable to all people, not just women), as well as an opportunity to practice skills for effective trauma-informed peer support.

12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch

2:00- 3:15pm  Activities:

Zumba Professor: Pat Zuber Wilson

 Harnessing Hip Hop
Professor: Alex Frisina, YOUTH POWER!

3:30-4:45pm Classes:

Systems Advocacy: The Peer Workforce: Building a Profession, Maintaining a Movement
Professors: Brad Hansen, FTNYS; Paige Pierce, FTNYS; Walter Ginter, Medication-Assisted Recovery Services (MARS Project) and Angela Hebner, Mental Health Empowerment Project, Inc.
Description: In this workshop, an intergenerational and cross-systems panel of peer leaders will discuss the journey from movement to professional workforce and identify opportunities in the road ahead. Peer-run agency leaders from mental health, addiction recovery, and families will summarize the origins of their respective movements, define what “peer” and lived experience means to them, describe the different trainings they offer, chart the landscape that the peer workforce must navigate as New York State transitions to Medicaid managed care, and envision the role of peers moving forward. This project is part of a SAMHSA-funded collaborative of adults peers in mental health and addiction recovery, and family and youth peers called the New York Peer Network for Recovery and Resiliency.

Peer Advocacy: Know Your Rights in Foster Care: You Are Not Alone!
Professors: Pauline Gordon, Lawyers for Children, Inc.; Jarel Melendez
Description: This course is for young leaders who have either lived experience in the foster care system or may just be interested in learning about the foster care population. This course is designed to educate and provide individuals with the tools to navigate resources and know their legal rights in the foster care system. In the course we will explore the following topics pertaining to youth transitioning out of the foster care system and into adulthood: Transitional Housing/ Independent Living; Mental Health/ Health Care; Pregnant and parenting; LGBTQ Issues; Higher Education; Identifying Needs Versus Wants; and Entitlements.

5:00-6:30pm Dinner

6:30-8:30pm Student Fair

Featuring: Songs of Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination
Professors: Steve Holmes, SANYS; Chester Finn
Description: Come hear some great original songs about the disability rights movement from the perspective of the struggles of people with developmental disabilities and others.  Through songs like “A slot I’m not”. “Change, Change”  “My Dream is…”, “Get Ready to Mumble” you’ll learn about the power of song to help celebrate and energize our advocacy efforts.

“The Power of Peers” Interviews
YP! is teaming up with Youth FX to interview students during the student fair on their experiences providing and/or receiving peer support. These interviews will be featured in a video developed through NYS Success to Amplify Our Voices and help educate individuals on the importance of peer support. Details for students interested in participating will be provided during the event.

9:00-11:00pm Paint and Sip (Dorm Activity)

 Day 3: Monday 6/13/16

8:00am-9:15am Breakfast, Events and Athletics Center

9:30-10:45am Classes:

Systems Advocacy: Youth Rights
Professor: Elana Marton, NYS Council on Children and Families
Description: This course will provide an overview of youth rights, from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the New York State Human Rights Law to the right to an education, reasonable accommodations, confidentiality with respect to mental health and other health care, LGBT rights, the rights of youth in foster care, etc. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, this course will help identify how and where to get more information when needed and how to speak up for oneself. Discussion also will focus on effectively communicating ideas and experiences to influence policies. Come ready to share and ask questions!

Peer Advocacy: Understanding the IEP Process: How to Support Youth with Disabilities and Advocate for Themselves
Professors: Naomi Brickel, Westchester Institute for Human Development; Amanda Haught, United We Stand of NY; Lourdes Rivera Putz ED of UWS
Description: If you are a student or represent a student who receives Special Education Services, it is important to understand the power of an IEP in order for youth to effectively advocate for themselves. Research shows that students who are involved in their IEP planning are more successful in school – and as adults. Unfortunately, some students do not even realize they have a disability. Many do not attend their meetings, and when they do, most report boredom and feeling uncomfortable – even wishing they were back in class!! The IEP meeting is all about making a school program that will lead to success. It is critical that the student’s voice is heard and impacts the decisions made. But you can only have a voice if you understand the purpose and prepare. The more knowledge you have of the process, the more effective you will be.

This interactive session will help students understand the IEP process, and prepare and share information that is relevant in IEP development. It will assist you to understand what goes on in these meetings and provide strategies and resources to share your voice effectively.

11:00-12:15 Leaders’ Dinner Preparation Classes

12:00pm-1:30pm Lunch, Events and Athletics Center

2:00-3:15pm Classes:

Systems Advocacy: Advocating for Multiple Pathways to a High School Diploma
Professor: Abja Midha, Advocates for Children of NY
Description: Approximately 22 percent of high school students in New York State fail to graduate from high school within four years.  The number of students who fail to graduate within four years is likely to increase as high-stakes standardized exit exams are linked to more rigorous Common Core standards. New York State needs to provide all students with a menu of options to earn a high school diploma that offer learning opportunities and assessments allowing them to show they meet state standards and are college or career ready.
We will discuss students’ experiences with the Regents exams and review the Coalition for Multiple Pathways’ recommendations for rethinking graduation requirements.  The group will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the Coalition for Multiple Pathways to a Diploma’s recommendations and advocacy efforts. Lastly, we will discuss opportunities for youth to advocate for changes to New York State’s graduation requirements.

Peer Advocacy: Ethical Dilemmas in the Digital Age
Professor: Sam Kawola, NYS OASAS; Danielle Olsen, LMHC
Description: This course illustrates how the presence of digital technology is changing the provision of social services. Emerging challenges to protect confidentiality will be identified. Participants will consider their work settings and how to use available technologies responsibly.

3:30-4:45pm Classes:

Systems Advocacy: Power and Systems Change
Professor: Bill Pryzlucki, NYS Council on Children and Families
Description: This session will build off the two previous professoral experiences. A seemingly natural extension is to work with those in the room to identify the way and ways that they see themselves practically gaining and exercising position and power to help create change. For example, are participants considering their jobs as points of power, or perhaps as Board members, appointed or elected officials, etc. This session will help participants identify some of their own proclivities and penchants; and go all the way to creating personal roadmaps to achieve ambitions and goals.
Following a brief overview, those present will delve into their own belief systems and ambitions, identify what they consider to be positions of power that can help change systems and be about planning ways to get there.

Peer Advocacy: Youth Addiction Recovery; a Growing Movement
Professor: Cortney Lovell

Description: In this session, students will learn about the role young people have played in the addiction recovery movement, the opportunities for youth today, and what the future looks like for those interested in becoming involved.

4:45-5:30 Free time – Dress for Leaders’ Dinner

5:30pm-8:00pm YP!’s 9th Annual Leaders’ Dinner

Every year our Leaders’ Dinner provides an opportunity for young people and state leaders to speak candidly about real life issues that youth face while in state systems.  It is intimidating for young people to speak frankly with government leaders and this dinner gives youth the chance to communicate in a relaxed setting.  We create an atmosphere of sharing and partnership that is comfortable for both youth and adults.

 9:00pm-11:00pm Karaoke Pajama Party (Dorm Activity)

 Day 4: Tuesday 6/14/16

8:00am-8:45am Breakfast, Events and Athletics Center

9:00-10:45 Personal Leadership Planning: Setting personal goals as an advocate

11:00-12:00  Closure Circle

12:00-12:45pm Lunch

Class Networking: Pictures, Signing of books

1:00-2:30pm Graduation Ceremony

Elected Class Speakers

2:30-3:30pm Resident Students Check out, Centennial Hall