Community Partnerships

Our power, in part, is derived from our strong and innovative partnerships with agencies and organizations throughout Albany County and the greater Capital District of New York State. YP! has invested significant time and resources into cultivating partnerships that are beneficial to the youth and families we serve and to also increase awareness about youth and young adults with disabilities and cross systems experience.

  1. Albany City School District: (Education Partner – participation in NYS Promise community round-table meetings to disseminate information to numerous community agencies/representatives.)
  2. Albany City Department of Recreation: (Community Partner – Provides access to community centers and city sports fields)
  3. Albany City Department of Youth and Workforce Services: (Community/Employment Partner – working with city to help eliminate barriers to youth obtaining employment through My Brothers & Sisters Keeper Community Challenge, provides information and applications for summer youth employment program).
  4. Albany County Community Outreach Network (ACCOIN – Community Partner – distribution network; helps with dissemination of information, provides resources for families, and free training opportunities)
  5. Albany County Dept. for Children, Youth and Families (Community Partner – willing to provide guest speaker regarding healthy relationships, participation in coordinated children’s services initiative)
  6. Albany County Dept. of Health (Community Partner – Willing to provide guest speaker for HIV & STD Education, refer eligible young people to program)
  7. Albany County Hispanic Service Providers Network (Community Partner – information sharing and distribution network, helps with dissemination of information regarding events, and mentor and mentee recruitment efforts.))
  8. Albany County Probation:(Community Partner – Albany County Probation refers eligible youth to RAMP keeping youth in their communities)
  9. Albany Devils: : (Community / Employer Partner – Assists in finding donations to regular season game for youth and families, provides discounted tickets, provided guest speaker and shares community events for distribution to families)
  10. Albany Public Library – (Community Partner – Provides free space for special events shares information on programs taking place at branches, posts mentee and mentor recruitment flyers.))
  11. Applebee’s Restaurant (Community Partner – partnered to host a ‘dine to donate’ fundraising event at local restaurant. Willing to allow RAMP to host Pancake Breakfast to raise funds as well.
  12. Capital District 100 Hispanic Women: (Community Partner – dissemination of information regarding events and mentor and mentee recruitment efforts.)
  13. Capital District Education Opportunity Center: (Employer/Community Partner – hosted site visit of facilities, willing to host another visit and conduct presentation of career opportunities available, assisting in mentor recruitment.
  14. Capital District Transportation Authority or CDTA (Community Partner – willing to provide guest speaker to discuss transportation options and teach youth to take public transportation.)
  15. Center for Law and Justice, Inc.: (Community Partner – willing to serve as guest speaker and present to youth about their legal rights and how to interact with police)
  16. Centro Civico – (Community Partner – Refers potentials mentees, assist with mentor recruitment, shares resources to distribute to families.)
  17. Channel Albany – (Employer Partner – provided advisors to teach and assist youth in using television studio equipment to film PSA, talent show, and produce a community member’s television show)
  18. CORe Albany Neighborhood Team: (Community Partner –a community effort to connect youth to mentoring, work readiness, and employment – serves as referral partner and shares resources for youth and families)
  19. Equinox, Drop in and Youth & Wellness Center:(Community partner – Shares program information with youth)
  20. Hudson Valley Community College(Educational Partner –Provides dissemination of mentor recruitment information. Willing to provide tour of campus and Assistive Technology Center to RAMP Youth)
  21. Jordan’s Barber Shop (Employer Partner – Assist with mentor recruitment, potential site visit location)
  22. MENTOR’s National Mentoring Database (NMD) and volunteer referral service: (Community Partner – Refers volunteers to serve as mentors)
  23. Mission Accomplished Transitional Services: (Community Partner – Provides information on workshops, refers eligible mentees, provides guest speakers)
  24. Northeast Kidney Foundation (Community Partner – employees are willing to serve as guest speakers, provides volunteer opportunity for youth
  25. Northeastern New York Coalition on Occupational Safety and Health: (Community Partner – partnered with YP! and OEHC and hosted a training on hazards, safety and legal rights for youth in the workplace – shared safety contest information for RAMP youth to participate in as project)
  26. Occupational & Environmental Health Center: (Community Partner – have met and hosted a training on hazards, safety and legal rights for youth in the workplace, provides information regarding young worker rights)
  27. Parent Network of the Capital Region (Community Partner – Conducted bullying training for families and mentors – Provides information regarding events and trainings in community, and resources for parents, mentees and mentors).
  28. Parsons Training Center/ Independent Living Groups(Community partner – Invited to conduct presentation to Independent Living groups about RAMP and willing to refer eligible youth to program)
  29. Riverview Missionary Baptist Church – (Community Partner – Allows use of van for transportation to RAMP trips with no rental fee, partnered to invite RAMP youth and families to Harvest Festival and summer Block Party. Church provided food, games and entertainment, allowing for Mentoring Coordinator to connect with families in fun, low cost way.)
  30. Ravena Coeymans Selkirk Middle School – (educational partner – provide meeting space free of charge, mentee referrals, access to school records, and snacks for meetings)
  31. Richard Rivera – (Community/employer Partner – served as guest speaker, provides site visit tour/job shadowing opportunity)
  32. Sage College of Albany (Community Partner – refers potential mentors and interns to program, willing to host tour of campus, disseminates information campus wide)
  33. Saint Rose College – (Community Partner – Assist with mentor recruitment efforts)
  34. SEFCU – (Community Partner – Provided guest speaker to discuss financial literacy with program youth and site visit during summer programing, Assists eligible mentees open bank and savings accounts)
  35. Six Flags Great Escape (Community/Employer Partner – donated admission and parking tickets and picnic passes for RAMP youth two years in a row (valued over $2,500), provided guest speakers to discuss work opportunities, defensive tactics demonstrations, and science behind amusement park rides)
  36. South End Neighborhood Association: (Community Partner – disseminates program information via list serve and at monthly meetings, agreed to refer potential mentors and mentees to program
  37. Catherine’s/Juvenile and Family Reporting Center (community Partner –Finalizing a partnership to enroll youth in their Alternative to Detention Prevention Program in the program, and have them transition into another site location when completed at reporting center. Center will provide location, staff support and snacks for meetings
  38. Tri-Cities Valley Cats – (Community Partner – Donated game tickets for RAMP Youth and families two years in a row, provided discounted food vouchers, willing to provide guest speaker.)
  39. University at Albany Alpha Phi Omega: (Community Partner – Refers volunteers to serve as mentors, willing to provide campus tour of SUNY Albany and service project)
  40. University at Albany Community and Public Service Program (CPSP) – (Community Partner, disseminates information to students regarding mentoring opportunities, provides campus recruitment opportunity at Community Service Fair)
  41. University At Albany New York Delta Chapter, Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity (Community Partner – refers eligible mentors to program, served as guest speakers and provide hands on STEM activities to program youth)
  42. Village Barber & Beauty (Employer partner – has agreed to let mentees shadow and work under master barber as apprentice, served as guest speaker)
  43. WMHT Educational Telecommunications (Community Partner – Collaborating to bring community cinema as family engagement night, provided guest speakers, hosted site visit of television and radio studios and provided hands on opportunity to youth)